Water safety advice following fatality at Dawber Delph

Water safety week 2018 Download Image

On Saturday night, our firefighters were involved in the search for the 16 year old boy who tragically died after getting into difficulty at Dawber Delph in Appley Bridge.

Drowning is one of the UK’s leading causes of accidental death. Each year more than 400 people drown after tripping, falling or just by underestimating the risks associated with being near water. Many more people are left with life changing injuries in water related incidents.

During periods of warm weather, we encourage people to never swim alone, don’t swim too far from the shore and find open water where there is a lifeguard. Never jump or dive straight in, as this could cause cold water shock. Despite the air temperature being warm, the water is usually a lot colder than it looks and if there is a current, it could be a lot stronger than you think

Area Manager, Mark Winder of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service says:

“There are many hidden dangers of swimming in open water. The shock of cold water can get even strong swimmers into difficulty, it doesn’t matter how fit and healthy you are, the water is always stronger. The water can be deep, submerged objects may not be visible and it’s difficult to estimate the depth before you get in. Whilst swimmers may be able to enter the water, there are not always suitable places to climb out.

“Finally, we urge parents to have conversations with their teenage children about water safety. There are materials available on the Royal Life Saving Society’s website to help parents learn more about water safety.”