Plantation fire in Preston

Date: 31/05/2020

Time: 13:57:00

Address: Old Clitheroe Road, Dutton, Preston

Incident Number: 2005011766

UPDATE 2 JUNE 20:44: Three fire engines remain at this incident overnight damping down.


UPDATE 2 June 07:00:  Three fire engines are at the scene this morning and firefighters are maintaining a watching brief


UPDATE 1 June 21:43 – three fire engines will remain at this incident overnight until firefighting can resume in full at first light.


UPDATE 17:00 on 1 June – The fire has been largely extinguished. We have nine fine engines at the scene at the moment and crews will be damping down for the rest of the day. We have come across evidence of several campfires although these are not responsible for starting this fire. Firefighters have been working closely the landowners and their help has been invaluable.


UPDATE 21:45 – multiple specialist vehicles have been in use at this incident to relay water to the fire. Five fire engines will remain there over night until firefighting can resume in full at first light.


Ten fire engines are in attendance at a fire involving a tree plantation on Longridge Fell at Old Clitheroe Road in Dutton, Preston. Firefighters are using water bowsers and jets to bring the fire under control.

If you’re nearby and affected by smoke, please stay indoors and keep your windows and doors closed.

Please avoid the area.