Winter Hill Moorland Fire update

We are continuing to tackle fires across various locations at the Winter Hill side and Scout Road side  of the incident. We increased firefighting efforts at 04:30hrs this morning in order to mount a large scale attack on the fire fronts.

Currently there are 25 fire appliances deployed across the incident ground. Firefighting activity on the Winter Hill side is now focusing on getting water onto smouldering, hot spot area. Offensive firefighting is focusing on getting water onto nearby woodland to ensure any flame flare ups don’t spread to that area and we have been working with partners to secure the road and infrastructure up on the top of the hill at the mast sites.

Significant firefighting activity is predominently focused on the Scout Road side of the incident ground. We are looking into getting helicopter support later in the day to assist with getting water onto the incident ground in this area.

We are experiencing another very hot and dry day and so we would like to take this opportunity to remind people of the need to stay clear of the fire ground so that fire operations can continue unimpeded. Also, if you are spending time out in our countryside today please take care to be fire safety aware.

UPDATE: As of 14:00, we now have 29 fire engines which are focused on continuing the work firefighters have been doing this morning.

Wildfires infographic

We know that there is still a significant smoke plume in the area downwind of the fire and would advise anyone who may be affected by the smoke plume to keep their windows and doors closed.

We appreciate that the hot weather is having a combined effect and we would advise those affected by the smoke plume and who need to close their windows to follow Public Health England’s recommendations for people in affected areas:

  • draw curtains to limit direct sunlight heating-up internal surfaces in the home
  • use fans to recirculate air within the house to help keep cool
  • wear lighter clothing
  • keep hydrated with cool drinks
  • limit activities that might contribute to emissions within the home such as cooking
  • set any air conditioning to recirculate mode
  • limit the time you spend outdoors and avoiding strenuous physical activity.
  • once the smoke has moved away, consider opening doors and windows to allow the house to cool down.