Earby Fire Station

Station Information

Crewing System: On-Call


  • On-Call Fire Engine

Jago Road, Earby, BB18 6YD


Telephone: 01282 841240

Fire Safety Contacts
Telephone: 01282 429452
Email: firesafetypennine@lancsfirerescue.org.uk

On-Call Support Officer

The on call support officer for Earby Fire Station is Mark Schofield. If you are interested in applying to be an on-call firefighter in Earby, you can contact Mark on MarkSchofield@lancsfirerescue.org.uk (opens a draft email) for more information.

Drill night details

Drill night for Earby Fire Station is Monday, 18:30-20:30.

Incident information

Average call-outs per week


Time most likely to be called out

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Average time call-outs last

36 minutes

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