In accordance with the Localism Act 2011 (Chapter 8 Sections 38 to 43) Lancashire Fire Authority is required to produce a pay policy for each financial year.

Any decision under powers delegated to the Authority’s Constitution with regard to remuneration to be taken in 2024/25 will be bound by and must comply with the 2024/25 Statement.

The Director of People & Development must be consulted prior to any decision impacting on remuneration where there is any question regarding compliance with the Statement.

In general terms, the Fire Authority recognises terms and conditions negotiated nationally by the National Employers with the National Employees’ bodies for 3 distinct staff groups. These are:

  1. National Joint Council for Brigade Managers (referred to in Lancashire Fire Authority as Principal Officers) of Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services (commonly referred to as ‘Gold Book’);

  2. National Joint Council for Local Government Services (commonly referred to as ‘Green Book’);

  3. National Joint Council for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services (commonly referred to as ‘Grey Book’).

Under the definitions provided for within the Act, the officers included in this pay statement are the Chief Fire Officer (CFO), Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO), Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO), Director of Corporate Services (DoCS) and Director of People & Development (DoPD).

The Treasurer responsibilities are undertaken by the Director of Corporate Services.

The Monitoring Officer duties are undertaken by the Clerk to the Authority who is engaged on a contract for services basis.

The Fire Authority has delegated responsibility for any local terms and conditions, including remuneration for chief officers, to the Appointments Panel/Succession Planning Sub-Committee.

A chosen natural internal benchmark for Chief Officer pay is the percentage rise in firefighters pay. This is the standard for the majority of staff within the Service and has been deemed affordable and proportionate by the National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services. It has been agreed that the Chief Fire Officer’s pay with the established linkages for other Executive Board members should rise by the same amount as NJC for grey book when they receive their annual award.

Any pay rise will be subject to a satisfactory performance evaluation. This will be undertaken with the Chair of the Authority with regard to the Chief Fire Officer, who will in turn appraise his staff. These appraisals confirm increases in basic salary; no bonus payments are made to Executive Board members.

Information relating to chief officers pay and benefits in kind is found in the Fire Authority’s Statement of Accounts and on the Authority’s website.