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On call firefighters are firefighters who are on-call and carry an alerter. They are required to respond to an emergency when the alerter activates. To be an on-call firefighter applicants have to be able to respond to the fire station within the required time, so applicants need to either live or work within a close distance. Applicants may already be in a full-time job, unemployed or looking for a career that can fit around their childcare or home life. Being an on-call firefighter can complement many different lifestyles.

On call firefighters are trained to deal with a wide range of emergency situations. They provide an agreed contract of hours for emergency cover throughout the week. Additionally, they also undertake weekly evening training sessions at station to maintain and develop skills. Retained firefighters receive full initial training followed by continuous development; this will require dedication. Those responding from work will require their employer’s consent, whilst those responding from home must consider the impact on their home life.

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