Escape Plan Awareness Month – Have You Got Yours?

Plan Your Escape Route Poster Download Image

Spring is finally starting to show its face and the bank holiday will soon be upon us. It’s the perfect opportunity for many to have a good old clear out at home, but another great reason to de-clutter this month is it’s the Fire Kills escape plans awareness month.  Having a working smoke alarm is the first crucial step to ensuring you’re prepared in the event of a fire in your home, but knowing what to do if it goes off is as equally important, particularly if you ever have guests stay over.

You might think you know your property like the back of your hand, but smoke is often thick and black and can be very disorientating. A good question to ask yourself is would you be able to get out of your home with your eyes shut? Knowing your escape plan in advance and sharing it with others will hopefully mean that should the worst happen your all able to get out safely.

Below are our top tips of things to consider when making your plan.

Escape Plans Infographic