Explosion at a nursing home in Fleetwood

Date: 02/03/2019

Time: 15:22:00

Address: Grange Road, Fleetwood

Incident Number: 1903000441

Fire (Fleetwood, Bispham, Bamber Bridge – Urban Search and Rescue firefighters), police and ambulance personnel have arrived on site at a nursing home on Grange Road Fleetwood in response to a report of an explosion. Police quickly ruled out foul play and it appears to have been a gas cylinder on the premises that has exploded, injuring two people, shattering windows in a conservatory and inflicting structural damage to the building.

There will be more updates posted here when more is known.

Update at 4.40pm: It now appears that the explosion was not due to a gas cylinder but was petrol vapour exploding, the circumstances to be established but originating within a shed on site. Residents of the home are uninjured and power and light to the premises are unaffected. There is still work to be done to assess potential structural damage resulting from the explosion and firefighters are assisting medical staff in transferring residents away from the part of the premises affected.

Update at 6.25pm: Early indications of the cause of the explosion are unconfirmed and and the circumstances and cause are under investigation.