Firefighting is a varied, rewarding and challenging role that involves far more than responding to fires.

It offers a career to be proud of. With a structured career pathway and excellent training and learning opportunities today’s firefighter could be tomorrow’s chief fire officer.

Have you got what it takes?

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    We have added a few FAQs to provide some information about applying to become a wholetime firefighter. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

    • I’m dyslexic; will I be able to cope with the written tests?

      Dyslexia is classed as a disability and you will be asked if you have a disability as part of the application form process. Where a candidate has a disability, they should contact the Human Resources department on 01772 866840 to discuss any reasonable adjustments you wish us to consider making during each stage of the recruitment process.

    • I wear glasses (or have had eye surgery) - can I apply?

      Yes. Part of the recruitment process will include a medical and this will include an eye test. Our occupational health physician will determine whether your vision meets the standards to become a firefighter. You will be required to take up to date eyesight test results to your medical appointment.

      The national recruitment standards for firefighters require firefighters to have:

      • Uncorrected distance vision no worse than 6/18 in the better eye and 6/24 in the worse eye.
      • Corrected distance acuity should be at least 6/9 with both eyes open and reach 6/12 in the weaker eye.
    • What are the hours of duty?

      LFRS has a number of duty systems. Full details can be found by clicking on ‘shift systems’ on the ‘wholetime firefighter’ section on our careers page, available here.

    • What is the bleep test?

      The ‘bleep test’ or multi-stage shuttle run is a fitness test to determine your aerobic capacity which needs to be 42.3 VO2 max (the maximum or optimum rate at which the heart, lungs, and muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise, used as a way of measuring a person’s individual aerobic capacity). This can be predicted during the multi stage shuttle run (bleep test) with the target of 42.3 VO2 max being achievable upon completion of level 8.6. in the test. Candidates must move between two given points in time to a ‘bleep’ sound; the pace is increased incrementally. A short video of this test is available to view in the ‘recruitment and selection’ section. Candidates can elect to take this, or the Chester Treadmill Test.

      The Chester Treadmill Test is an incremental test incorporating seven levels where the gradient increases 3% every two minutes whilst the speed is set at 3.9mph (6.2km/hr). To be successful the two minute warm up and full twelve minute test has to be achieved.

      This video shows you what to expect when undertaking your bleep test.


    • What do online assessments consist of?

      You will be assessed on your verbal and numerical skills and your situational judgement. There is also a test designed to identify your suitability for certain types of duty systems. The best websites for practising would be as detailed below:

      Please note these tests will not be exactly the same as the tests applicants will be undertaking, and some will be more related to the role of a firefighter and you cannot practice these online. They are useful to provide you with an idea of what to expect.

    • Where can I get further information on the role?

      The Lancashire Fire and Rescue website contains information. Please visit our wholetime recruitment careers page or explore