Incident Update – Moorland Fire in Rivington

Date: 26/06/2018

Time: 08:30:00

Address: Sheephouse Lane, Irvington

Incident Number: 1806009983

UPDATE: 20:00hrs (27th June) United Utilities staff withdrew from the incident ground at around 19:20hrs this evening (27th June) with a view to return for another site inspection in the morning (28th June). Firefighters will remain on site again through the night to monitor those smouldering areas for any further flare ups and dampen down where needed using aqua packs.

UPDATE: 12:00hrs (27th June) An incident ground assessment was carried out and there are still some small smouldering pockets remaining around the fire incident ground. United Utilities staff returned to site earlier in the morning and are preparing to dig some fire breaks in the affected areas. Firefighters will remain on scene to monitor the incident and dampen down any flare ups with those smouldering areas.

Throughout last night (25th June) and into the early hours of the morning fire crews were in attendance periodically assessing the fire ground for any remaining hot spots or deep seated pockets of fire. At 10:17 hrs firefighting operations recommenced on the southern flank of the fire ground to bring under control some smouldering pockets of fire. Crews have been using fogging units, beaters and aqua leaders to control the fire alongside the LFRS soft track and United Utilities Polaris vehicles.

At 18:06hrs  the incident had been reduced back down to one pump for periodic fire ground monitoring. One fire engine remained at the scene throughout the night carrying out periodic walks of the fire ground permitter to monitor the incident and dampen down using aqua packs if needed. A full inspection of the fire ground is due to take place later in the morning alongside partners from United Utilities.