Large bonfire in Southfield, Colne

Date: 15/07/2019

Time: 22:29:00

Address: Southfield Lane, Southfield

Incident Number: 1907005641

Six fire crews from Colne, Nelson and Burnley were called to reports of a large fire in the open near Southfield Lane, Southfield late on Monday 15th July 2019. The fire involved a quantity of waste approximately 20m by 20m. Firefighters established a water relay and are currently tackling the fire using two main jets.

01:33hrs – This incident is currently on going and any residents living downwind of the fire are advised to keep their windows and doors closed if possible at this time as a precaution.

02:30hrs This incident has now been reduced to 4 fire engines. Firefighting is still ongoing.

05:30hrs – This incident has now been further reduced down to 3 fire engines with one main jet being used to extinguish the fire.

10:00hrs – Firefighting operations are continuing at the scene into this morning with one jet in use, breathing masks, hooks and shovels to assist in the damping down process.

11:21hrs – The fire has been extinguished and firefighters are leaving the scene. An investigation into the fire is now underway.