Learning with FF Clough

a firefighter hosts a storytime session with his crew at Burnley fire station Download Image

For children the day that they get a visit from firefighters at school is a memorable one. Not only do they get to see a fire engine, they come face-to-face with their heroes and learn all about fire safety. Unfortunately the Coronavirus has put a stop to these visits so here at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service we decided to bring them to you!

FF Clough (a familiar and friendly face to the children of Burnley) will kick things off with a bedtime story which will go on our social media accounts on Wednesday 22 April at 7:10pm. If you miss the video don’t worry you can watch it below!

FF Clough read the book ‘No Dragons for Tea’ by Jean E. Pendziwol and Martine Gourbault…with a few minor alterations to include a few Lancashireisms and English references. At the end of the book is The Dragon’s Fire Safety Rhyme which we encourage you to learn with your children. You can read the rhyme below.


When the smoke alarm sounds, here’s what you should do:

Leave your toys all behind, ‘cause there’s only one you.


Get down and stay low, crawling under smoke,

Because breathing those fumes in might make you choke.


If your clothes catch fire, don’t run about,

“Stop, drop and roll” till the flames are out.


Don’t open a door if the handle feels hot.

Find another way out to your planned meeting spot.


Even when scared, you must never hide.

And once you’re out, don’t go back inside!



We’ve then got more fun and games planned with FF Clough so watch this space!

Fore some fire service activities to keep kids busy during lockdown why not visit the page here. To hear a story read by Firefighter Sue click here.