Meet Paul O’Brien, On-call Firefighter

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Paul O’Brien is an on-call firefighter at Lytham station. A Bristolian, he settled in Blackpool after years spent travelling the world.  Who needs Barbados when you’ve got Blackpool beach? 

Why did you apply to be an on-call firefighter?

It’s something I always wanted to do, as a kid it would be like what do you want to be when you grow up? “A firefighter” but I got side-tracked working in entertainment. One day I saw the sign outside the station and thought now is my time. I applied about four years ago and then had a baby so applied a year later, then covid kicked in and all the training stopped. This year I finally did it!

What is your day job?

I’ve worked in entertainment as a DJ for 20 years and travelled to 50 countries working holiday parks and cruises. A 9-5 job just isn’t for me! This is the most disciplined I’ve had to be in a job as you have to give set hours that you will be available, which is something I’ve never had to do before – I’ve never had to answer to a manager!

Are you from the local area?

I’m from Bristol originally, but I came to work in Blackpool for a gig around 13 years ago, met a girl and I’ve been here ever since.

Would you be interested in applying to become a wholetime firefighter?

My work as a DJ is really busy at the moment so I just wanted to be on call alongside that, but since doing this it has ignited (pardon the pun) a spark inside of me to go this it!

Have you got any advice for someone looking to apply?

I would say 100% come down and meet the crew, I came down to quite a few drill nights before I applied.

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