Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register provides help vulnerable customers when they need it most. It is a joint register that allows the utility companies to keep track of those who need support so that they can provide services and advice during times of uncertainty.

What is the Priority Services Register?

This free support service is available to vulnerable people and ensures they maintain access to essential services in difficult situations.

To qualify for the register, you must meet certain criteria including:

  • If you've reached your state pension age.

  • If you're a person with a disability or a long-term medical condition.

  • If you're recovering from an injury.

  • If you have a hearing or sight condition.

  • If you have a mental health condition.

  • If you're pregnant or have young children.

  • If you have extra communication needs (such as not have strong reading and writing skills).

  • If you need to use medical equipment that requires a power supply.

  • If you have poor or no sense of smell.

  • If you'd struggle to answer the door or get help in an emergency.

Other reasons for joining the register may also be accepted by utility providers, such as if you need to stay in hospital for a period of time.

How to sign up

To request to join the Priority Services Register, you must contact both your network operator and your energy supplier.

In the North West, the network operators are:

  • United Utilities for water.

  • Electricity North West for electricity.

  • Cadent Gas for gas.

There are many different energy suppliers and it's important you contact them as well as the network operators. Remember to contact your energy supplier again if you move house or switch suppliers.

When you contact each operator/supplier, give as much information as you can about why you believe you should be included on the Priority Services Register.

Benefits of signing up

There are lots of potential benefits of signing up to this scheme, all of which could help you if you find yourself in a difficult situation:

  • Priority assistance in a power cut.

  • Advanced prior notice of power cuts so you can plan ahead.

  • Priority support when calling your provider.

  • Help reconnecting your supply as required.

  • The ability to nominate a trusted person to receive correspondences on your behalf.

Other benefits may exist based on what each individual organisation offers. You can ask when you contact them for the latest list of benefits.