Below are a list of guides on a variety of subjects for all employers, managers, occupiers and owners of premises.

They tell you about how you should comply with fire safety law, help you to carry out a fire risk assessment and identify the general fire precautions you need to have in place.

These guides are intended for premises where the main use of the building or part of the building is described. They may also be suitable for the individual units within other complexes, although consultation with the other managers will be necessary as part of an integrated risk assessment for the complex.

Also, where you handle and store flammable materials and substances, it will help you take account of these in your risk assessment and help you determine the necessary precautions to take to minimise the likelihood of them being involved in a fire.

The documents have been written to guide a responsible person through the process of carrying out a fire risk assessment in less complex offices and shops. If you read the guides and decide that you are unable to apply the guidance, then you should seek expert advice from a competent person. It is likely that more complex premises will need to be assessed by a person who has comprehensive training or experience in fire risk assessment, however, these guides can be used for multi-occupied buildings to address fire safety issues within their individual occupancies.

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