Strategies. This part of the site gives access to our strategy documents. Our main strategy – Risk Management Plan 2013-2017 sets out the strategic focus and medium term ambitions of the Service.

Policies. In this part of the site you can access our main policy documents. These set out how we operate to deliver our services, activities and plans.

Plans. This part of the site contains some of our main plans. These documents set out show you how we plan to deliver and manage our existing services, assets or activities as well as describing what we plan to do differently. Our Risk Management Plan 2013 -2017 sets out the overarching plan for the Service. Progress on how we are delivering this plan is set out annually in our Performance Report and Action Plan.

Performance. This part of the site provides access to information about our performance in how we deliver our Services including how we we are meeting our performance indicators; how we are working to make best use of our resources and information about how external auditors rate our performance.